June 29, 2017
Justin Bieber Is 'Very Good In Bed,' Says The Increasingly Inconsistent Tati Neves

Justin Bieber's unsolicited videographer, Tati Neves Barbosa, stopped short of claiming she had sex with the singer when she appeared on a Brazilian TV show at the weekend. Now, the 27-year-old bodybuilder, actress, and explicit model has told British tabloid The Sun that she did sleep with the Canadian superstar.

Tati, as she is known, has been answering press inquiries ever since she filmed the "Baby" singer on her cell phone without his consent as he slept on a day bed in a Brazilian villa.

The footage ended up online last week and has since racked up over 34 million views.

The former bikini pageant winner previously told Brazilian gossip TV show Fantastico that she had slept in the same bed as Justin but played coy with details. Asked if the two were intimate, the well-endowed brunette replied, "He said we didn't, so I have to say we didn't."

Pressed on whether the pair kissed, Barbosa said: "What do you think? If I was sleeping with him in the bedroom, just me and him… come on."

However with The Sun, Tati goes into extraordinary detail about her alleged sexual encounter with Bieber.

"It was one of the best moments in my life. It was marvellous and unforgettable. He has quite a fit body and he looked great naked," she tells the newspaper.

Further complimenting the 19-year-old, Barbosa added, "A man must know what to do to make me happy, Justin did all that and more. Take it from me, he's well endowed, and very good in bed."

On Fantastico, Tati said that she ended up at an after party at Justin's rented mansion in Rio after a DJ friend who was played at the Zax club the singer hung out at after his Sao Paulo show called her and invited her to the after party.

From here, Tati's story betrays a glaring inconsistency.

She previously told Fantastico that she didn't see any of the 30 girls Bieber reportedly had bused back to his villa. She told the gossip show, "No. I'd already gone into the bedroom with him."

However, in her interview with The Sun Barbosa said,

"There were about ten of us. Most of the girls were teenagers and very giggly. The house was beautiful. Justin looked at me and called me over." She went on to say. "He was really polite to me and gentle - surprisingly very mature for his age."

Tati told The Sun she didn't post the video of the singer and made it to prove to her girlfriend that she was with Bieber, whom she says was still sleeping when she woke up next to him.

Justin Bieber Captured On Video By Brazilian Bodybuilder Tati Neves Barbosa(Photo: YouTube)

"I was still in bed with Justin when my friend texted me to say, 'Oi amiga, where are you?,'"

She added, "I texted back, 'I'm here in bed cuddling up to Justin Bieber.' The video was just for her eyes only. I am really angry with her."

Tati also claims somewhere in between making her video of the singer and leaving the villa, she received a phone call from the pop prince asking her to come back.

She told The Sun she declined, "I just didn't have the strength," adding, "Justin has so much stamina."

Interestingly, Britain's MailOnline reports the owner of the Zax club says Tati wasn't one of the girls the pop star had bused back to his rented villa on Sunday morning (Nov. 3).

"I know all the girls who went," says owner Marcus Mion. "I personally went round asking inviting them on behalf of Justin, and I put each one in the van that took them there."

On another note it's reported sources at Rio's famous Centaurus brothel (where Bieber was seen emerging from on Nov. 1), say they know Tati and she has frequented the adult club.

As well as her The Sun interview and Fantastico, Barbosa also gave an interview in what appears to be a nightclub, during which she called Bieber the "love of my life" adding,

"I want to ask permission to talk in the name of God because I'm protected by Him. I want to tell everyone who is watching that you people are also being filmed. He is seeing everything and everybody will see everything when the Doomsday has come."

Justin Bieber Captured On Film By Tati Neves Barbosa

(Photo: Globo TV)

Bieber is now in Chile where he will perform tonight, after suffering from a bout of food poisoning and cutting short a concert in Buenos Airies, Argentina on Sunday as a result.

The singer was asked to leave the Hotel Faena in the same city after his fans destroyed property and disturbed other guests. The teen's tumultuous South America leg of his Believe tour follows a clutch of misadventures in Brazil.

But it's not all bad news. Ironically, Bieber's new single "All Bad" reached No. 1 on iTunes US and over 40 charts around the world after its release on Sunday, Nov. 10.