Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tweets Support For Philippines Followed By Luxury Car Collection

As his nickname implies, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. is all about the cash.

He’s not exactly shy about it. Follow Floyd on social media and you’re sure to see fat stacks of green. And as an undefeated professional boxer considered the best in the world, Floyd Mayweather is entitled to enjoy the fruits of his labors. No one casts a shadow over the global boxing scene like Mayweather’s and Floyd is right to be proud of it.

But perhaps “Money” Mayweather should buy himself a gold-plated dictionary to look up words like “juxtaposition,” “callous” and “gauche” before he decides to fire up the ol’ Twitter account from now on.

Witness @FloydMayweather’s tweet from Saturday afternoon. He offered his thoughts and prayers to those in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the fallout from which numbers in thousands dead or displaced, likely the Philippines’ worst calamity in its history. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is subsequently praised by his adoring followers for these sentiments, as he should be.

Fast forward about 48 hours to see Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s next tweet (not counting two retweets). There’s “Money” Mayweather showing off his Rolls Royce Ghost with the extended wheel base and his Bentley Mulsanne.

An amazing show of sensitivity, Floyd. Stay classy, Mr. Mayweather.

“No one can really judge Mayweather,” says Rachelle Corpuz of the International business Times. “He just wants what is best for his children. He wants his children to have a better life and not have to go through what he has experienced as a youngster.”

Not so fast. Wanting the best for his or her children doesn’t let anyone off the hook for that kind of faux pas, Floyd Mayweather or not. As insensitive gaffes go, “Money” Mayweather’s blunder KOs the competition. He might have showed “compassion” with his thoughts and prayers, but he can put his money where his mouth is when it comes to the Philippines instead of showing such a lack of civility and/or common sense.