Knish Factory Fire Leads To Hanukkah Shortage

A large fire at a knish factory in America has shoppers and knish addicts panicking. They are worried that there won’t be any of their favorite doughy potato knishes in time for Thanksgiving, which this year also coincides with the Jewish “festival of lights” Hanukkah.

Knishes, originally a Jewish delicacy, are enjoyed by millions of Americans annually. They have been in short supply since the fire at the knish factory.

Stacey Ziskin Gabay, an owner of the 92-year-old Gabila’s Knishes company, said: “Our customers… are calling us saying they are literally searching supermarkets and stores and they’re all asking when we’ll be back.”

Fortunately for the hungry knish eaters, the company has promised that an ample amount of knishes will be back on the shelves in time for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.

A die-hard knish lover, Carol Anfuso, said about the knish fire: “For the last month I haven’t had any knishes — my heart is broken.” She only found out about the knish shortage when she visited the Pastrami King restaurant in Merrick.


She learned while dining there that knishes were off the menu for lunch due to the fire at the factory. The owner of the restaurant, Joe Yamali, said he usually sells 2,000 knishes a month.

“It brings you back to your childhood and they’re just so delicious. Gabila is square and fried. You bite into it and the potato oozes out. It’s very good,” he said.

Another native from Brooklyn, Forrest Gurl, was also very upset about the knish shortage: “I usually get four to take home. Their crunchiness, their hard corners, the mustard and sauerkraut you put on them. You can’t beat a knish.”

And yet another knish addict, Jesse Hochberg, said he didn’t even know there had been a fire at the knish factory until he went to his local deli: “I miss them. It’s something I grew up with. I like the taste, sliced with mustard…. I always look for them, and I haven’t seen them recently,” he said.