KyaZoonga Crash: India Vs. West Indies Cricket Demand Crashes Ticket Seller’s Site

KyaZoonga crashed on Monday at the worst time for fans looking to attend the India versus West Indies cricket test overwhelmed the ticket-selling site.

The website, the official partner for the Second Test in Mumbai on Thursday, crashed at 11 am, just when tickets were supposed to go on sale. The site was still down later in the day on Monday.

The KyaZoonga crash came as anticipation for the test is building in India. The contest will be the final one for the popular Sachin Tendulkar, which the company said prompted a huge rush to get tickets.

In a statement, KyaZoonga said there were 19 million hits within the first hour of India vs. West Indies ticket sales.

“If this traffic continues to be at these high levels, it could perhaps surpass the momentum witnessed even during past Olympic Games. We apologize for any inconvenience these delays may have caused and congratulate those who will be able to witness this momentous occasion,” the company said in a statement.

But cricket fans have blamed the company for failing to prepare for the large traffic the India vs. West Indies match would undoubtedly bring. KyaZoonga is allowed to sell 5,000 tickets for the match, while Wenkhede Stadium has a capacity of 45,000.

Fans were also angry that there were so few seats reserved for the average cricket fan.

“This is ridiculous. I fail to understand why BCCI has allotted only 3,000 tickets for Sachin’s fans and the remaining to VIPs. A lot of seats will remain empty because those VIPs are not the real fans. This site is not opening. Feeling agitated,” a fan said.

KyaZoonga was not the only place to see a rush for tickets to the India vs. West Indies cricket test. More than 5,000 fans gathered at Wankhede Stadium, and started to get unruly after being told that tickets would only be sold online. Eventually police had to be called to restore order.