Chuck Liddell: Drug Claims Are Ridiculous And Can Be Proven False

Lori Geyer, the ex-wife of Chuck Liddell is fighting dirty when it comes to the custody battle over the couple’s son Cade, stating that her ex-husband is a drug user who doesn’t deserve to have his son by his side.

Liddell is fighting back, reminding the court of public opinion that he has been subjected to random drug tests for years, with his most recent testing dating back to February 2011.

Greg Emerson, Liddell’s attorney told TMZ that Geyer’s allegations are 100% false, stating that they are, “ridiculous and made out of desperation by someone seeking to exploit her son for financial gain.” Emerson continues, “Mr.Liddell has undergone random drug testing for years, as late as February of this year, and has never tested positive.”

Liddell as we reported last week is claiming that Cade wants to stay with his dad and that his son was being abused, including living with a sore tooth that was not attended to by a dentist.

The former couple will attend a custody court hearing on Tuesday.