Maria Gabriela Isler, The New Miss Universe 2013, Brings Foes In Venezuela Together

Maria Gabriela Isler is the new Miss Universe 2013 and apparently she’s getting political foes in Venezuela to agree at least on one thing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Miss Venezuela won the Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant and was crowned in Russia.

Judges picked 16 finalists, who faced against each other in another bikini segment that determined the 10 finalists. Miss Venezuela and the rest of her fellow competitors came out in stunning night gowns which ended with the five finalists being chosen.

After being chosen as Miss Universe 2013 this is what Maria Gabriela Isler said:

“I have a lot of emotions. I can’t describe all the things that I feel at this moment because I’m shaking. I’m still in shock. I feel so blessed, so happy to be here.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro congratulated Maria Gabriela Isler immediately via Twitter by saying this was a “triumph for Venezuela.” But opponents to the socialist government like Marco Sandoval couldn’t help but noting the problems faced in the home country of Gabriela Isler:

“There’s no doubt we have the most beautiful women of the world. But nothing is perfect. We also have the most corrupt and shameless politicians in the world.”

Considering all this, it’s interesting the choice of question that was used in Miss Universe 2013: “What is your biggest fear and how do you plan to overcome it?”

Miss Venezuela answered, “Fear is not negative. We should overcome all our fears and this in turn would make us stronger. As soon as we overcome our fears we can face any challenge.”

As Maria Gabriela Isler knows, her fellow countrymen have much to fear. Inflation in Venezuela has soared to 54 percent, driving a collapse in the local currency. Even basic goods like milk and toilet paper are in short supply and illegal black market trading has sprung up in the socialist country. President Maduro has been inspecting prices and ordering the military to seize control of businesses. For example, a nationwide appliance store chain was re-opened underneath the government and the prices were artificially controlled to be a fraction of their previously listed value.

But all these economic woes haven’t prevented one type of business from flourishing. Before winning Miss Universe 2013, Maria Gabriela Isler worked as a TV anchor for Venevision, a channel that owns the rights to the annual Miss Venezuela beauty pageant. The country of Venezuela has won seven Miss Universe titles, more than any other nation, and it’s practically a cottage industry. There are grooming schools, plastic surgeons, and beauty salons popping up everywhere in order to support the thousands of beauty pageants the nation hosts.

Are you surprised that the country of Maria Gabriela Isler is putting so much emphasis on Miss Universe 2013 and Miss Venezuela beauty pageants even as their nation slowly crumbles?