Jessica Biel Gives Wedding Advice To Lance Bass

Jessica Biel is turning her celebrity hand to wedding planning, at least as far as N’Sync star Lance Bass is concerned. US Weekly broke the news of the engagement a couple of months back when Bass proposed to his boyfriend Michael Turchin.

Bass told the publication at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center Anniversary party that the source of his wedding advice was none other than the lovely and apparently wise Jessica Biel.

Bass spoke about how it came about that Jessica advised him on his wedding:

I’m so glad I went to Chris’ wedding because I forgot about some of my old management company people. And then we were sitting there talking to Jessie Biel, too, and she gave us a lot of great pointers. And she had some really great ideas.

He spoke about the inspirational ideas Jessica Biel had come up with for the upcoming celebration of his marriage:

One really cool idea she had was that, on the invites — because we love our onesies — send out personalized onesies to all our guests so that at midnight after the reception it turns into a pajama party. How fun would that be? I think we might be doing that one. That was something we both loved.

Biel and Bass go back, well at least as far back as 2012 when she married his friend Justin Timberlake.

Bass spoke about what it’s like when the gang gets back together: “It’s very immature. We still pretend we’re 16. A lot of fart jokes. A lot of old jokes that keep resurfacing. It’s like nothing ever changed,” he said.

Although there has been plenty of advice from Jessica Biel, the plans for the wedding aren’t finalized yet according to Bass, who said: “We’ve slowly but surely started planning it,” he said. “It’ll be a year from now. But it’s a lot. It sure is a lot.”