Hugh Hefner Doesn’t Want A Prenup For Crystal Harris Wedding

Hugh Hefner and his much younger fiance Crystal Harris will be married this June at the Playboy Mansion and Hefner will not have his fiance, 60 years his junior, sign a prenuptial agreement.

Hefner has been married and divorced two times, but at 84-years-old he has decided it isn’t worth the headache to jump through legal hoops for the girl he “loves.”

According to insiders, Hef has no intention of protecting his $43 million fortune (estimated). Those same insiders say Hefner “actually cares” for Crystal, even as she pals around town with Jordan McGraw, son of Dr. Phil and wife Robin. The McGraw relationship was reported by In Touch Weekly last month with the magazine claiming that an illicit romance was brewing between the age appropriate couple.

Jordan McGraw is a sound specialist who Crystal says is simply helping her “break into the music industry,” because Hefner and his close ties to hundreds of music industry folks couldn’t possibly do a better job….