Teenage Girl Gang Raped In Hollywood By Boys And Girls

A girl aged 16 was gang raped in Hollywood on Friday night by a group of teens who attacked her while she visited a friend’s house. She was raped with the help of three boys and two girls.

Police say that during the vicious attack the victim had her head smashed against concrete, which broke bones in her face. She was also bleeding badly from her ear as a result of the assault.

It is alleged that the young girl was raped initially by 19-year-old Jayvon Woolfork,while being held down by his friend Lanel Singleton, aged 18. At the same time another 17-year-old male was present as well as two girls, aged 14 and 15, who assisted with the rape and filmed it on their mobile phones.

The victim said that during the traumatic attack she was kicked, thrown down a flight of stairs, and dealt with violently. The Hollywood police were able to identify the perpetrators of the rape from the footage recorded on one of the cell phones there.

At the time the attack occurred, the girl was watching TV and listening to music at her friend’s house in McKinley Street. She was then approached by the group who demanded that she have sex with one of them under threat of being beaten.

She refused and was attacked by the teenagers who dragged her to a bedroom in the house, removed her clothes and pinned her down. She was then raped by Woolfork as the others watched and filmed.

One of the fathers of the accused teenagers said that his daughter wasn’t really involved in the rape and was, in fact, acting in self-defense following a previous fight. He said about his daughter: “She handled it the wrong way.”

“If you’re to get in the middle of it, defend your friend any way that you can. But don’t beat someone to the point where they wind up in the hospital. There was no sexual assault. There was no kidnapping. There was no such thing as the charges that are now pending against her”