Anthony Mackie Stopped For Tinted Windows, Arrested And Charged With DWI

Anthony Mackie was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated early Saturday morning in Harlem, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 35-year-old actor was stopped while driving a 2010 Dodge Challenger at 1:22 am near Lenox Ave. and W. 125th St. where police officers noticed the car had tinted windows, NYPD spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves told THR.

Officers smelled alcohol and noticed that the driver had bloodshot eyes, Nieves said. According to TMZ, Mackie failed several field sobriety tests before being taken to the 28th precinct and charged. He was then taken to the Manhattan Criminal Court Building to await arraignment. Mackie refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test and had his license automatically suspended.

Anthony Mackie made his debut in Eminem’s 2002 semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile. Since then, he has starred in The Hurt Locker, Gangster Squad, The Fifth Estate, and several other films. Mackie was recently cast as Falcon (real name Sam Wilson), in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In April, Mackie expressed his displeasure with his costume. An interviewer asked him if he was happy with the costume, but Mackie said he wanted the red spandex look from the comics.

“I am very upset. When you sign on to a superhero movie, you want to be a superhero. You want spandex, you want that,” he said. “That is why you sign on to a superhero movie. That’s what you want. I went into it, I’m like I want the wings, I want the bird, I want all this sh*t. You know, ’cause you want little kids for Halloween to dress up like you.”

Mackie added, “I wanted it to go all the way wrong.”

In an interview with USA Today, the Juilliard graduate revealed that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will echo the format of The Avengers.

“It’s kind of Avengers 1.5. Everyone came up and worked. The action stuff is amazing,” he said. “It was 10 times tougher shooting Captain America (than The Hurt Locker). I’d never done anything like that. Oh no, a plane is coming at you, you’re scared.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is scheduled for an April 4, 2014 release. Anthony Mackie is currently filming Hands in the Sky (also known as Jesse and Me). Mackie will play track and field star Jesse Owens

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