Chuck Liddel’s Ex-Wife: You Kidnapped Our Son!

As we reported yesterday, UFC figher Chuck Liddell has filed court papers for full custody of his son Cade, claiming that he wants to live with his father full time and that he was abused at the hands of his mother. Today we have learned that his ex-wife, Lori Geyer is now claiming that Chuck kidnapped Cade right from under her and her current husband.

Lori called the police this week and on March 27 filed a police report in which she claims Liddell picked up Cade from his Parker, Colorado home on March 23 and promised to return him on March 27. Instead, Chuck took his son back to California and told Lori he would be staying with his father until a new custody hearing could be arranged.

According to Liddell’s attorney, Cade requested to stay with his father, however Geyer has told police that Chuck was never interested in his son before and that she doesn’t understand why he is “now interested in custody.”

Police are not getting involved in the case, arguing that no criminal act has occurred.

A custody hearing is set for Tuesday in Colorado.