Bill Murray Signs On the Dotted Line for Ghostbusters 3 and 4!

Bill Murray may have held out when it came to signing on for the new Ghostbusters movie, but the news that has come with it makes up for his tardiness. Apparently Murray will star not only in Ghostbusters 3 but also part 4 of the series which are set to begin filming in 2012.

Murray will join Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson for the films which will be released Christmas 2012 and Christmas 2013.

Over the last 12 months talk about Ghostbusters 3 has reached a frenzied pace as more of the original films actors signed on for roles, however Bill Murray wasn’t pleased with drafts of the films script. Dan Aykroyd then announced that he was taking over script writing responsibilities from Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

Director Ivan Reitman told PopEater of Murray’s need for script approval:

“Bill loves these characters as much as we all do, and it was simply a matter of nailing the timing.”

The two new movies will showcase the Ghostbusters training a new generation of cadets, which in turn could lead to a long shelf life for the series should fans agree to continue watching new actors take on the role of Ghostbusters.

Rumor has it that Peter Venkman (Bill Murray’s character) may return as a ghost, as Murray wants to take the character in a new direction.