Sriracha Candy Canes Are The Perfect Prank For Christmas

Get ready for Christmas pranks. Sriracha candy canes are available at select retail stores and several online retailers. The extremely hot candies in a package that looks suspiciously like your run-of-the mill peppermint holiday treat.

J&D Foods, the Seattle company that brought baconnaise to bacon lovers everywhere, debuted the spicy candy canes in time for the Christmas season.

On its website, the food company writes, “There’s a reason Santa comes down your chimney — he likes it hot!” J&D Foods also sells Sriracha popcorn, bacon soda, and a new bacon deodorant, for the die-hard fans.

Sriracha is everywhere, it seems, and if you live in Irwindale, California, it’s even in the air. The Huy Fong Foods chile plant in Irwindale recently made the news after residents of the city complained the smell of the spice permeated the air.

The Sriracha candy canes are either the best friend of the spicy food lover, or the bane of your existence if you can’t handle hot things. Why? Well, the super hot candy canes look just like normal ones with red, green, and white stripes. Because of this, we recommend not taking candy canes from your prank-loving friends this holiday season.

For those who love Sriracha, J&D Foods recommends crushing up the candy and serving it over ice cream, or even using it as a holiday cocktail stirrer. However, for insurance purposes, the company doesn’t recommend crushing the candy canes into powder and snorting them up your nose.

Each box of 12 individually wrapped candy canes sells for $7.99 at Cost Plus World Market, Urban Outfitters,, and J&D’s website. While we can’t say we’ll buy these Sriracha candy canes for ourselves, we may be plotting to prank a few friends this holiday season.