Corey Feldman Wants To Star In Bigger Hollywood Movies

Corey Feldman is a tired of taking roles in low-budget and independent films. The star of such classics as Gremlins and Goonies thinks he should have another shot at A-list movies.

The actor recently addressed the issue during his appearance on Access Hollywood Live. Although he appreciates the opportunity to act, Feldman firmly believes his talents are going to waste in the world of indie and direct-to-video cinema. According to him, he's "earned" the chance to star in big-budget pictures.

Corey Feldman explained:

"I want to continue working. I love the industry that I'm in. I enjoy the work that I do and it's an honor to be able to entertain people All I ask is that people give me a chance to do what I feel I should be doing, which is to be in A-List films. I shouldn't be doing independent films after all these years. I should have a chance to be able to do what I feel I should be doing. I've earned it and I've proven it."

In addition to dishing about the films he should star in, Feldman also discussed the movie he also landed back in the day. According to the former child star, he was originally slated to appear in acclaimed director Steven Spielberg's classic E.T.. Unfortunately for the actor, his part was cut at the last second.

"In the original script... Elliott, who was played by Henry Thomas, had a best friend, who was actually his partner in crime during all the adventures, so it was him and his best friend who found the alien... and then there was a massive rewrite right before they went into shooting," Feldman said during his recent interview.

He continued, "Steven and I had kinda formed a friendship because he was showing me around the sets, showing me 'Poltergeist' and all this stuff he was working on, showing me his process, and then he went away to write. He calls me six months later and says, 'I have some bad news. Unfortunately, in the major rewrite your part got cut."

Now that Corey Feldman has unleashed his new tell-all book Coreyography upon the world, he's ready and willing to begin work on a major Hollywood motion picture. Fans of the actor can catch him next in The Zombie King, Zero Dark Dirty, and Body High.

Do you think Corey Feldman deserves to star in more A-list Hollywood productions?

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