Patrick Stewart Tells ‘The Daily Show’ All About His Lobster Costume

Sir Patrick Stewart finally revealed the story behind his famous lobster costume.

During his recent appearance on The Daily Show, the X-Men: Days of Future Past star discussed his very unusual Halloween costume. In case you missed it, Patrick Stewart shared an image on Twitter that found the acclaimed actor lounging in a bathtub dressed as a lobster. Check out the pic in question below.

When Jon Stewart asked the Star Trek: TNG alum about the costume in question, Patrick said it was pretty much his wife Sunny Ozell’s idea.

The actor explained:

“We were going to a Halloween party and I had explained to her that I’m an actor. We don’t put on costumes. We leave that to civilians because we spend our days wearing costumes. No. No costumes. Well, she… found this thing online, she sent out for it, she took it out of the box and showed it to me. I had to put it on. And I have to come clean and say it was a musician friend of hers — you know, musicians, well — who said, you gotta put him in the bath.”

Patrick Stewart seemed pleased that his lobster costume made lots of people laugh. The actor then turned his attention to embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford. In his opinion, some politicians are just comedians with really terrible script writers. Jon Stewart agreed with that sentiment, though he worried about Ford’s longevity.

“I tape at 6:30 and I just have this utter feeling of like we’re going to tape at 6:30, we’re going to make a lot of jokes, and at 8 o’clock they’re going to be like ‘Mayor Rob Ford’s heart has exploded,'” the Daily Show host remarked.

Patrick Stewart has become something of a social media darling in recent months. Not only did he get plenty of attention for his Halloween costume, the acclaimed actor released an admittedly adorable explanation of how to perform a proper “quadruple take.”

If that doesn’t cause you to develop a new-found appreciation for the man who brought Captain Jean-Luc Picard to life, then have a look at the guy wearing this unforgettable lobster costume. Only someone as inherently cool as Patrick Stewart could pull off something as ridiculous as this. In short: Don’t try this at home.


Here’s a photo of the guy at the recent Twitter IPO.

If you’re not a Patrick Stewart fan at this point, then there’s little hope for you.

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