Justin Bieber Blitzes Brazil: Blow By Blow

Justin Bieber's six-day Brazil blitz, now the stuff of legend, is generating headlines without end.

Official vandalism charges, a sheet-draped exit from a brothel, nightclubs and girls at after parties, concert dramas, paparazzi claims of an attack by the singer's security team, and a now 25 million (and counting) viewed viral video of the teen idol filmed by a former bikini pageant winner.

It all began so well.

The reigning pop prince arrived in Rio de Janeiro Friday, (Nov. 1), and was later feted by a crowd of adoring fans at the city's Copacabana Palace Hotel. Waving, smiling, Instagram videoing of a classic Biebermania moment ensued.

Bored with the endless room-service a presidential suite offers, Justin's wrist tattoo and his identifiable security who couldn't fit under the sheet the singer was draped under, were spotted by paps at Centaurus. Two women --- allegedly from the brothel --- were reportedly taken to the singer's hotel but refused admittance. A rep comment still hasn't surfaced but sources told outlets the 19-year-old thought the club was just a "members' club." Reports he was thrown of the hotel followed.

After the New York Post's Page Six story broke the Centaurus story, Justin took to Twitter to reply to the deluge of fan inquiries, writing, (then deleting),

"Please stop believing rumors, they are just that. bs rumors, getting tired of it, no truth to them. moving on now. seriously moving on."

After a late start to his São Paulo concert on Saturday, Bieber was understandably miffed when a water bottle hit him, knocking the mic from his hand. Getting out of dodge before singing his 2010 signature hit "Baby," the shirtless one partied at a local nightclub before hitting up Zaz nightclub in Rio at around 2am.

A widely reported after party at Justin's rented mansion in Joá, West Rio saw around 30, possibly 50 people invited back to the pad. Mail Online wrote the star took a shine to a pretty and discrete 18-year-old brunette named Fernanda Paes from Rio's upscale Ipanema. The party seems to have been more of a tea party than anything raucous with sweets and snacks offered. Phones and confidentiality agreement were reportedly signed by guests.

Justin Bieber Met Fernanda Paes In Brazil It's possible the "sleeping video" filmed by Tatiana Neves Barbosa, was shot at this party when the Canadian went for a nap. Sources close to the singer say the 26-year-old part-time actress and bodybuilder was a friend of one of the guests.

Claims that Tati (as she's known) is a prostitute, have been denied by sources and Bieber is said to be unhappy at the violation of his privacy. Celebuzz reports Neves claims she thought she took a photo of the "Bad Day" singer not a video (which surfaced on Wednesday) and says she never intended for it to go public.

"I received calls today from US websites asking me to talk…. to give interviews," the brunette told a Brazilian outlet. "I was surprised by all this. But I'd prefer to not talk about it."

Multiple parodies of the silent, 15-second non-consensual video showing the singer napping on a day bed have been posted online, mostly with ripe overtones. A Bieber insider later told E! News,

"We've crossed the line from absurdly irritating to highly disconcerting."

Bieber's Sunday Rio de Janeiro concert was highlighted by a shirtless, excitable male fan invading the stage to hug the superstar, who handled it well and went on to close the show with "Baby."

Moving on to Tuesday, the singer and a group of friends went to the upmarket Sao Conrado area of Rio to spray-paint graffiti. Bieber had received permission from city officials to tag a specific wall but elected to tag the wall of the former Hotel Nacional because they thought the other wall was in a dangerous part of the district. Local police said permission did not extend to the other location.

Justin tagged a variety of works, one of which --- a monkey --- had led to accusations of of racism. Paps took pictures of the session and they appeared in O Globo, Brazil's biggest news outlet later that day. Police are investigating claims of alleged assault made by the photographers against the singer's security.

Bieber was officially charged by Rio authorities with vandalism on Friday, Nov. 8 after a three-day investigation which saw testimony from all the parties involved. Described as a "minor offense," by police, the heartthrob will have to pay a still-to-be-determined fine but will not be arrested.

Justin Bieber, Monkey Graffiti: Is It Racist?

(Photo: Instagram)

The "Heartbreaker" star flew to Paraguay on Wednesday where he performed. A sushi lunch with his family who are visiting followed in Córdoba, Argentina on Thursday ahead of a Friday concert where the singer attempted to bring his kid brother Jaxon, 3, on stage and succeeded with sister Jazmyn, 5.

Two arena concerts in Buenos Aires are scheduled this weekend before the Believe tour odyssey moves on to Chile and Mexico city where the South America leg ends Nov. 19. The 15-month trek then hits Australasia, wrapping in Perth on Dec 8.

Bieber in Brazil was undeniably bumpy. But the single teenager, who is free to party as hearty and as often as he wants, is proving to be gold dust for the media, paparazzi, and groupies tracking his every waking, and sleeping, move.