Cameron Diaz Forced To Re-Record Her Dialogue In ‘The Counselor’ [Rumor]

Cameron Diaz was reportedly forced to re-record her dialogue in director Ridley Scott’s thriller The Counselor because executives didn’t like her accent.

The performance was eventually scrapped by the boys and girls at 20th Century Fox because the actress reportedly used an accent that made her sound like controversial singer Rihanna. Since the studio didn’t care for the accent, she had to re-record all of her lines prior to the picture’s release.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron Diaz sported a “subtle Barbados lilt” in Scott’s box office flop. Despite her reported displeasure, the actress was ultimately forced to scratch the performance in favor of something a bit more low-key.

Although 20th Century Fox allegedly had a problem with Diaz’s accent in The Counselor, they apparently didn’t find any issues with her car-oriented sex scene. E! Online reports that her bump and grind session with a Ferrari was left in the final cut of the feature.

Unfortunately, re-recording Cameron Diaz’s lines or teasing audiences with car sex couldn’t convince folks to spend any money on Ridley Scott’s flick. Box Office Mojo reports the film only has $18 million in the bank as of this writing. The so-called “vanity project” carried a production budget of $25 million.

Not only did The Counselor receive a handful of negative reviews ahead of its release, Cameron Diaz was also raked across the cinematic coals for her performance in the flick. Judging from the critics, the film doesn’t feature the actress in her finest hour.

Time magazine’s Mary Pohl explained:

“[Diaz’s] is not a very intriguing role. I hope I’m not being hopeful in calling it a relic. I also hope, for the sake of Diaz’s dignity, that she at least raised the question as she was filmed lewdly straddling a sports-car windshield whether any woman not on a porn payroll would seek or achieve pleasure in this way.”

Entertainment Weekly critic Chris Nashawaty wrote:

“For all of her man-eating efforts in the film, Diaz is punished with one of the most wince-inducing scenes in years — a spread-eagle masturbation spectacle performed on the hood of Bardem’s yellow Ferrari that I’d say has to be seen to be believed. But I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to cough up ten bucks to sit through it.”

Neither Cameron Diaz nor her representatives have commented on the re-recorded dialogue rumors as of this writing. Did you catch The Counselor in theaters?

[Image via 20th Century Fox]