Justin Bieber Fans Cause A Spot Of Hotel Havoc In Buenos Aires

Justin Bieber fans around the world are apt to lose it when their idol is nearby, and Buenos Aires Beliebers in Argentina have proved they are no exception.

Yesterday (Nov. 7), a group of teens broke down wooden crowd control barricades that had been placed around the superstar’s Faena hotel in the capital.

Bieber reportedly arrived at the five star hotel located in the Puerto Madero section of Buenos Aires at around 4 am Thursday.

The singer performs in Córdoba tonight as part of his continuing Believe world tour.

The 19-year-old was photographed talking to a police officer in a patrol car outside the hotel, and may have been chatting about the fan presence and the damage they caused.

From the expression on the officer’s face in the snap, it looks as if the exchange was probably an amiable one.

Justin Fans Tear Down Hotel Barricades In Buenos Aires

Beliebers At the Faena Hotel In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 7.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old has surfaced in another amateur video that shows him giving a group of fans some face-time from behind a fence believed to be at his hotel in Argentina.

The 40 second clip reveals the hooded singer chatting to the fans as they express shocked delight at seeing him in the flesh.

“I can’t believe it’s you!,” one fan exclaimed.

Justin replied, “What’s up, babe? Nice to meet you!”

Another fan inquired if she could touch her hero, to which the “Bad Day” star answered, “Yeah, of course you can touch me!”

Bieber then told the trilling faithful, “Thank you so much, I love you guys, I appreciate you” before telling one fan to throw her phone over the fence so he could take a soon-to-be-pored-over selfie.

It’s not the first amateur video of the singer to emerge from South America.

On Wednesday, video footage of Justin sleeping while being filmed by a Brazilian woman named Tatiana Neves Barbosa was uploaded to Reddit and YouTube.

It quickly went viral. At press time, the view count is now over 14 million views, with thousands also taking the time to comment.

Initial tabloid reports that Barbosa is a prostitute have been slammed by Bieber’s camp and aren’t supported by more reputable outlets.

Tati, as she is known, is a 26-year-old bodybuilder and part-time actress who has featured in two TV shows in Brazil and once won a bikini pageant.

According to reports, she is a friend of one of roughly 50 guests that were invited back to the Canadian’s rented Rio villa after one of his Brazil shows, and at some point crept into a room the singer took a nap in and filmed him.

E! News reports a source says Barbosa “is very upset” that the video — reportedly she sent it to a friend — was posted on YouTube.

Bieber’s reaction is understandably stronger. TMZ reports he is “creeped out” by the video, while E! writes an insider said he is unhappy it was taken and uploaded before adding,

“We’ve crossed the line from absurdly irritating to highly disconcerting.”

After Argentina, Bieber will move on to Santiago, Chile, and Mexico City before kicking off the final Australasia leg of his Believe tour odyssey.

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