Paula Deen Marriage: Who Cheated First?

Paula Deen is back in the news (again!) with speculation and rumors about her “on-off marriage.”

After successfully weathering the scandal that followed her alleged racist comments, which left her financial empire facing meltdown, 66-year-old celebrity cook Paula Deen is faced with yet another crisis.

According to the November 6th print edition of National Enquirer, Paula’s husband, Michael Groover, has walked out on her. Rather than supporting each other during those tumultuous times, they went their separate ways, and Paula was caught finding comfort with another man.

At the time, Michael stood by Paula as the media crucified her and former fans vilified her, but it appears that infidelity is the straw that broke the camels back in this relationship.

The Enquirer says the reason that Paula’s husband left was after she confronted him about an alleged affair with a “sexy, middle-aged brunette.” Their source said that the woman “entertained her lover once a week for more than a year at her Wilmington Island home [in Georgia], and on occasion they went out for drinks,” and that “it was no secret they were having an affair.”

But US weekly has a different slant on the situation from another “unidentified source.” According to their source, “Paula and her husband Michael have never been closer and Michael adores her.”

So this seems to be a battle of the tabloids, with Paula Deen the filling in the sandwich.
The Enquirer appears determined to go after the Food Network star Paula and raise questions about her marriage to tugboat captain Michael Groover.

They claim “She had an explosive argument with Michael that ended with him storming out of the house.”

However, a source close to the Deen family denied up the rumors. “The story is not true,” the insider told “Entertainment Tonight.” “Paula and her husband Michael have never been closer and Michael adores her.”

It looks like the Enquirer has a bit of a vendetta against Paula Deen, and It’s not the first time that the publication has tried to stir up trouble in Deen’s marriage.

Back in April, they wrote about how her “Saggy Skin Sparks War With Hubby,” in June they wrote about her “Marriage Meltdown,” and in July they wrote about her “$17M Divorce Nightmare.”

Meanwhile, as of the time of writing, it appears that Paula Deen and Michael Groover are still a couple – sort of.