Olga Kurylenko Screen Tested For Wonder Woman Role In 'Batman Vs. Superman'

Olga Kurylenko may soon be stepping into the part of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman.

The Ukranian-born actress has reportedly screen tested for the role in Zack Snyder's expected 2015 blockbuster despite the fact that Snyder has yet to confirm that Wonder Woman will appear in the movie.

But a report from SchmoesKnow says that not only will Wonder Woman definitely appear opposite Batman and Superman, but that Olga Kurylenko has an inside track to the part. The site quotes a "very reliable source" that says Kurylenko is being tested by Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan.

Olga Kurylenko already has a busy year ahead. After appearing in Oblivion, she's followed it up with roles in three upcoming films --- Vampire Academy, November Man, and Empires Of The Deep. She's also recently joined the cast of Despite The Falling Snow.

It's an impressive state for an actress who once saw acting as an impossible dream.

"No (I didn't have ambitions to be an actor). And you know why? Because I knew I couldn't," she told the Telegraph. "You don't dream about things that are impossible; that are out of your range. So I couldn't dream. For me, that was never going to happen."

If Olga Kurylenko is up for the role of Wonder Woman, she could have some competition. Rumors have said that Thor star Jaimie Alexander is also under consideration for the role.

When asked about her interest in playing Wonder Woman, Alexander didn't mention the movie specifically but said she would only step into the role if it were fully fleshed out.

"I gotta say, Marvel really writes their women very well. And that's one of the biggest things for me, when I look at playing a character I want to make sure that I'm playing the character first and the physicality is second, and Marvel understands that," Alexander told Forbes reporter Mark Hughes. "They've done a tremendous job, especially in our film, of portraying women as strong and confident."

Olga Kurylenko would seem a strong pick for the role as well. Though she has some box office bombs on her resume (including Max Payne and Hitman), she was praised for her performance in Oblivion and Terrence Malick's To The Wonder.