Justin Bieber Generates News Even When He’s Sleeping, But At Least She’s Not A Prostitute

Justin Bieber defies known laws of scandal. Usually one or two crop up in a celebrity’s life, but the 19-year-old is clearly the exception. Hot on the heels of his sheet-draped exit from a Brazilian club that’s been described as a brothel, a video of the pop superstar sleeping in a day bed which was filmed by a woman who is definitely not a prostitute is currently sucking the oxygen out of the internet.

Footage of the slumbering singer is silent and only lasts 15 seconds, but that hasn’t stopped over 13 million voyeurs hitting up the clip and sending it viral in less than 24 hours, while thousands left comments — many of which are highly uncomplimentary about the girl doing the filming.

E! News scored full details on Bieber’s unsolicited amateur film-maker. Tatiana Neves Barbosa, 26, is a Brazilian bodybuilder and part-time actress. She also won a Miss Bikini Wellness pageant last year and has featured in two TV shows. So, again, not a prostitute.

As with anyone who’s pictured or hangs with Bieber, things have got a little crazy for Tati (as she’s known) since the video exploded online. She has now apparently lawyered-up, and “is very upset” that a video she sent to a friend was posted online.

She isn’t the only one. Justin is still fielding reports of his Brazilian weekend of partying, that adult nightclub sighting (namely, Centauros in Rio de Janeiro), carping after he cut his Sao Paulo concert short after a crowd-thrown water bottle hit him, drama at his hotel when fans descended, claims by paparazzi that his security guards attacked them, and charges from Rio police over the graffiti he and others tagged on the disused but private Hotel Nacional in the city on Tuesday.

E! reports a source close to Bieber says he had to rent a house outside of town because security became a nightmare at the Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio. The teen singer threw a party at the house after one of his concerts and a visit to a nightclub, with over 30 people coming back to hang out with the Beibster.

Tati was “one of the people invited by one of the guests,” a source told the outlet.

The Canadian is reportedly extremely unhappy about the video she filmed and that it made its way online. “We’ve crossed the line from absurdly irritating to highly disconcerting,” the insider added.

TMZ puts it even more bluntly and says the “Boyfriend” star is creeped out by the video and upset he is now having to defend himself against claims of sleeping with a prostitute.

So there you have it. Bieber’s sleeping viral video isn’t the aftermath of a paid sex session, rather it’s yet another example of why the singer reportedly asks guests and companions to hand over cell phones and sign confidentiality agreements.

Meanwhile, the globe-trotter is now in Argentina, ahead of an appearance in Córdoba on Friday, Nov. 8.

In between meeting fans, Justin answered the graffiti charge — which was described by Rio police as a “minor offense” — by posting Instagrams of his recent tagging with explanatory captions.

Along with the photo below, the singer wrote, “Every place I have tagged has been approved I do not suggest tagging private property.. I still suck but i have fun doing it ).”

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Instagram)