Next up for the UFL, find some big name QB’s

I cam across this pretty interesting piece over at In short they were going over the QB situation for each of the five UFL teams. In a word it is not very good. Ya see the UFL made a big splash with the hiring of Jerry Glanville and Marty Schottenheimer, and now they need to find the players that will be the face of each franchise. That means a big name QB for each team that can help the UFL reach out to new fans and bring in some attention from TV networks.

In 2010 the UFL had Daunte Culpepper, Jeff Garcia, Brooks Bollinger, Josh McCown, and Tim Rattay as starting QB’s. Not exactly huge names, beyond Culpepper but they were recognizable names at least to football fans. We currently have no idea if any of these men will return in 2011 and even though the Las Vegas Locos are deep at QB with Chase Clement and Drew Willy on the depth chart those names are not as recognizable. Simply put a bigger splash is needed from the QB position in the PR battle this league must wage in year three.

There are some rumors that Culpepper’s UFL deal contained a clause for year two and that would be very good for the league and the Sacramento Mountain Lions but in my opinion this league has to find some names that not only football fans know, but everyone knows. Given the regional marketing plan of most of these teams maybe they can find a young stud from the college ranks that has a built in fan base in each UFL city, but in finding big name QB’s the UFL is going to have to fight an uphill battle.

So many NFL team have a need at QB and the lockout is likely to take away most of the pre season that signing a veteran will be preferable over starting a rookie. That might leave the UFL with few options.

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