Detroit Barbershop Shooting Claims Its Third Victim

The Detroit barbershop shooting on Wednesday night has claimed its third victim after two people had already been confirmed dead. On Thursday, Sgt. Mike Woody told the Associated Press that the third victim died of his wounds in hospital.

Al’s Barber Shop, located on Detroit’s east side, was the venue for the deadly shooting. Police said that a total of 10 people were hit by gunfire, including the two people who died inside the barbershop.

The barbershop where the shooting occurred was renowned for being a place for gambling and not just funky haircuts. Police suspect that the shooting may have been in response to a bad debt of some sort.

The police originally thought that nine people had been shot but after further investigation they realized that it was in fact 10.

Police chief James Craig said about the Detroit barbershop shooting: “We’re not sure if this was over a bad debt. We have no idea. We know it’s a barbershop and gambling has occurred in this location.”

Another police officer who attended the scene reported that: “Somehow someone shot into the building, and that’s when people rushed out of the building and were running into other area businesses for cover.”

Police are still looking for at least two men who they believe perpetrated the fatal shootings. Craig added that police were also seeking two vehicles which they believe were used by the shooters.

Both vehicles are 2004 model Chevrolet Impalas; one black and the other white. An eyewitness, Lorne Carter, told police that he was smoking a cigarette standing against a wall nearby, “It sounded rapid,” he said, referring to the gunfire.

The police search for the two men is intensifying as they spread their resources further afield in an attempt to bring the perpetrators of the Detroit barbershop shooting to justice.