Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘RoboCop’ Character Is Rush Limbaugh Incarnated

Now that you’ve seen the latest RoboCop trailer, let’s discuss one of the most interesting casting choices, and that’s Samuel L. Jackson as Pat Novak. As Novak Samuel L. Jackson plays a riled up talking head that yells about the political commentary that RoboCop brings to the forefront of society.

As Pat Novak, Samuel L. Jackson gives a rousing speech about society and their intolerance to RoboCops being utilized on American soil. Novak is in favor of the fleet of RoboCops and how they’re used to keep the peace in neighborhoods, but appears to be frustrated by America’s “robophobic” ways, and doesn’t understand why America isn’t taking full advantage of what a single RoboCop will bring to the country.

Standing in front of a luminous American flag, Samuel L. Jackson is the key factor to this exciting new trailer for RoboCop. Although the trailer impresses with its flashy guerilla-like action sequences, if there’s anything to get really excited about it’s the narration that Samuel L. Jackson takes on in the beginning of the trailer, which sets the tone for our second look into the widely criticized reboot. While we have seen Samuel L. Jackson off the hinges, we rarely ever see Jackson take a role of political authority, nevermind one that sees him donning an excellent wig.

Of his role Samuel L. Jackson told audiences at Comic Con that Pat Novak is an amalgamation of sorts:

“I play a character by the name of Pat Novak, who’s sort of a combination of Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton, if you can combine those two people. So I refer to him as Rush Sharpton.”

Both Al Sharpton and Rush Limbaugh are talking political figures that are on the opposite end of the spectrum with their issues, but they are equal in how they execute their speeches, which are often seen as extremely controversial if not passionate.

We think Samuel L. Jackson pretty much nails this Rush Limbaugh-esque take on Pat Novak.

RoboCop hits theaters on February 12, 2014.