'Ghostbusters 3': Emma Stone And Jonah Hill May Play Unlikely Heroes

It's been a while since we've heard speculation about the impending Ghostbusters installment, so it's not surprising that such a puzzling rumor would pop up again. This time around the Ghostbusters 3 rumors are swirling around a few casting choices.

According to SchmoesKnow, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are being pursued for main roles in the long-awaited sequel that has been going around on the internet since 2009.

All summer long, the chatter about the production of Ghostbusters 3 had been quiet, and now that we're knee-deep in Oscar season, some people are looking forward to the next batch of blockbuster films.

The last we heard on the Ghostbusters 3 dates back to May, when Dan Aykroyd, who's heading up the project, said that he was in the middle of setting a meeting up with director Ivan Reitman.

"I'm going to be meeting Ivan [Reitman] on June 7 in Cleveland, which is exciting as it's been on and off for a few years but we're really looking at a solid script now. And I can say that it will be focused on the new generation - think the latest Star Trek."
Hopefully, that doesn't mean we'll be seeing the Ghostbusters crew over some radical J.J. Abrams-esque lens flares. What we think Aykroyd means is that he's passing the torch to the new generation, which would make sense if the new casting pursuits are true.

However, while Jonah Hill would have been ideal a few years ago, it seems he is really making an effort to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. The only way Hill would probably agree to this film is if it was championed by someone he trusts in the comedic world, so unless Seth Rogen signs on to produce, we don't see Hill taking it. As for Emma Stone's involvement, she might be too busy given her schedule for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

The Ghostbusters 3 installment may not even happen. Although Reitman seems to be on board with making "new things," it doesn't look like anyone is in a rush to see this greenlit.

Before Hill and Stone were thrown into the mix, Ghostbusters 3 was looking at Eliza Dushku. Who would you like to see in Ghostbusters 3?