Sharon Osbourne Has Harsh Words For ‘The View’ Hosts

Looks like Sharon Osbourne has found a host of new enemies. Osbourne who is one of the ladies on daytime talk show The Talk has decided to pick a fight with the ladies of The View. This makes sense since the women of The View are in direct competition with Osbourne’s show, and Sharon has never backed down from a healthy squabble in the media.

In what we can only assume was said to boost ratings for The Talk, Sharon Osbourne took the ladies up to task, with the exception of Barbara Walters, and told the hosts, to “go f–k themselves.”

Osbourne expressed her long rant during her appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. During Sharon’s segment the whole panel from The Talk and Arsenio were drinking from red solo cups, though it’s doubtful that there was any alcohol in the cups. The Brit went off the handle when asked what the difference was between the two shows.

Julie Chen, another host of The Talk, was also on hand during the segment, and pointed out that The Talk doesn’t discuss hot topics in a political sense, or debate with each other. Osbourne took the potentially awkward moment to down her red cup and to have at it, which proved to be a less diplomatic position than her co-host Chen.

Sharon Osbourne’s words for The View hosts were very simple:

“Stop being polite! Cut to the f–king chase! The situation is: Barbara — idolize her, divine, she is super-human. I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go f–k themselves!”

Perhaps Osbourne is still bummed that The View is beating The Talk in the ratings, though we have to point out that The Talk is gaining on the veteran show.

So far we haven’t heard what the co-hosts from The View think of Sharon’s spitfire words.