Denise Richards And Charlie Sheen Team Up Against Brooke Mueller For Abusing Twin Boys

Denise Richards says she can no longer care for the “violent” twin sons from ex-husband Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, and now Sheen is joining in her fight against Mueller.

Richards has had temporary guardianship of 4-year-old twins Bob and Max, despite no blood relation to either boy. But this week she claimed that the boys have grown too violent for her to control, and she is seeking to end her custody of the boys.

TMZ gained access to the letter Denise Richards sent to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, finding that she detailed the boys going into a “zombie-like state” where they would attack the family’s dogs, trying to strangle them. The boys also attacked Richards’ daughters, two of whom were from her previous marriage to Charlie Sheen.

Denise Richards seems to place the blame on the boys’ birth mother, Brooke Mueller, saying she appears to be mistreating the boys. Richards claims that the boys need psychological counseling, but Mueller has been preventing it.

Sheen has also spoken out against Mueller, who has a history of drug abuse and has attempted to go to rehab close to 20 times.

If Denise Richards does relinquish custody of the boys, Mueller does not seem to be a candidate to become their guardian. She has stil struggled with drug addiction, and was recently seen smoking from a drug pipe and mentioning crystal meth in a video obtained by

Charlie Sheen wants to make sure of that. On Wednesday he spoke to TMZ, violating a gag order in his custody case, to discuss what he believed was Mueller’s abuse of the boys. He also released pictures of son Bob with what appears to be a large red bruise on the side of his head.

“These crimes against my children will be exposed,” he said. “These war criminals will be hanged at dusk to a cheering and jeering crowd, gathered together in love in support of all children who are mercilessly discarded like garbage by (DCFS).”

A source said that Brooke Mueller told DCFS that the boys’ injuries happened while they were in the care of Denise Richards.