San Francisco To Become Gotham City For Batman Fan’s Make A Wish Request

A terminally ill child’s request to turn San Francisco into Gotham City has been granted, and will occur on November 15.

Five-year-old Miles, who suffers from leukaemia, requested to become Batman for a day when he was contacted by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and now the inhabitants of the West-Coast city are going to turn it into a reality.

Make-a-Wish called Miles “a sunny, positive little boy” who “finds inspiration in super heroes,” they then admitted, “When we interviewed Miles for a wish, he surprised even his parents: he wishes to BE BatKid.”

In order for his desire to be fully realised though, Make-a-Wish have requested the assistance of San Francisco’s residents.

Jen Wilson, who works as the marketing and promotions manager for the company in the city, told,”This is one that we thought of as a great opportunity for people to share in the power of a wish so they can see how it affects not only the children and their families, but also the other people involved. It has a big impact on many people.”

Make-a-Wish have now decided to dedicate an entire day to Miles, and they’ve even developed a rigorous plan that will help fulfil his dreams.

It will all begin on the morning of November 15, when a breaking news story will blast across television screens in San Francisco. This will feature the city’s police chief asking the general public if they have seen BatKid, as they need his services to bring the “bad guys to justice.”

Miles, who will be dressed as BatKid throughout the day, will then rescue someone in peril from the Hyde Street cable car line, before capturing the Puzzler, one of BatKid’s deadliest foes, as he robs a downtown vault.

While enjoying his lunch at San Francisco’s Burger Bar, he will then be told to look out of the window by the police chief where he will see dozens of volunteers pleading for his help. You see, another villain will have stolen a famous San Francisco mascot, and the BatKid will need to rescue him.

BatKid will then be asked to City Hall where he will be presented with a key to San Francisco, before being thanked for his efforts.

Make-a-Wish have confirmed that the interest in Miles’ request has been extreme, and hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people are set to be involved.

Wilson admitted, “We’ve gotten people who want to volunteer to participate, actors reaching out asking if they can play a role, photographers and videographers offering their services, people who want to give Miles gifts, makeup artists willing to donate their services, a fire truck that want to come out and show their support.”

Miles remains completely in the dark about the day, and at the moment all he knows is that he is getting a Batman costume.