M23 Rebels Crushed By Congo Army, Hutu Rebels Are Next

The Democratic Republic of Congo army claims they “crushed” the M23 rebels during a recent battle.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the United Nations reports many massacres in the Congo by rival warring groups.

The M23 rebels are reputed to be a movement of mutineers from the Congo army. The uprising allowed other rebel groups to flourish, including the Rwandan Hutu rebels, also known as the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, or FDLR.

International envoys have been calling for a stop to the M23 rebels, Congo army conflict. The rebels declared a ceasefire, but then the Congo army accused them of shelling a frontier town.

Congo army spokesman Colonel Olivier Hamuli accused the rebels of war crimes:

“This is not fighting, it is bombs launched by M23 targeting the population of Bunagana. They are targeting civilians.”

The M23 rebels also claimed they had been attacked by heavy weapons, but they released a statement asking for peace:

“Our movement reiterates that we are ready to unconditionally sign the peace deal agreed on Sunday November 3 in Kampala as soon as the mediator in the dialogue sets a time for the ceremony.”

Regardless of who actually started the fighting again, the M23 rebels found themselves cornered in the steep, forested hills along the Ugandan border. Reports are claiming the mutineers have been completely disbanded after 18 months of fighting.

After this major victory, the Congo army is saying the Hutu rebels are next:

“There is no more place in our country for any irregular group. The M23 rebels was at the top of the list; they were replaced by the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda). We will get on with disarming them.”

But Christian humanitarian group World Vision warned that the fight between the M23 rebels and the Congo army has left years of cleanup work:

“There’s a long way to go before normal life can resume. The last 20 months of conflict has left a humanitarian legacy that will continue long after the latest violence has ended.”