Christina McLarty And David Arquette Are Expecting Their First Child Together [Rumor]

Christina McLarty and David Arquette are reportedly expecting their first child together.

Although the couple tried to keep the news a secret, an anonymous source recently spilled the beans to the folks over at Us Weekly. According to this nameless insider, the pregnancy wasn’t something McLarty and Arquette were planning.

“It came as a surprise. They are excited and happy even though this was unexpected,” the source said.

Christina McLarty, who is a correspondent for Entertainment Weekly, is in her fourth month of pregnancy. Although this will be her first child, David Arquette already has a nine-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Courtney Cox.

According to the Daily Mail, Arquette reportedly shared the news with several crew members while shooting a flick in Canada. However, a representative for the actor refused to the comment on the situation as of this writing. In other words, the pregnancy isn’t officially confirmed just yet.

“David has been boasting to the crew of the movie he’s shooting in Vancouver that he’s going to be a daddy again,” an insider told the folks at TMZ.

Arquette accidentally hinted that he and Christina McLarty are expecting their first child together during a recent “drunk dial” session with Howard Stern. The news accidentally spilled out while discussing his encounter with a opportunistic photographer not too long ago.

The Scream star explained:

“I once saw myself being such an a**hole to paparazzi while my first child was born… listen, while my first child was born, that it occurred to me that I wasn’t being an a***hole to the paparazzi, I was being an a–hole to the camera. The camera is the people, the collective, and that’s what’s important.”

“What do you mean your first child was born? How many children do you have?” Stern wanted to know. After stammering and stuttering his way through his answer, Arquette decided to quickly changed the subject.

Although the couple is reportedly expecting a baby, rumors of their marriage are apparently completely fabricated. Christina McLarty addressed the news back in October.

“We are totally happy and together in love, but we are not engaged. It’s just a rumor that got out of control,” the Entertainment Weekly correspondent told Us Weekly.

Are you surprised that Christina McLarty is four months pregnant with David Arquette’s child? Do you think there’s any truth to the rumors or is this just another false report?

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