Justin Bieber Tweets David Hasselhoff Advice On ‘B.S’ Rumors

Justin Bieber knows a thing or two about rumors and he recently shared some of his 19-year-old advice with a certain David Hasselhoff.

You read that right.

The Hoff and the Biebs have forged a brief but potentially more long-term Twitter alliance against the joint forces of rumor and defamation.

The historic convergence of embattled stars took place Tuesday evening on the social networking site.

Hasselhoff posted a tweet in response to a ridiculous article claiming that he had once been, shall we say extremely familiar with cheese and leave it at that?

“cheesey reporting as I NEVERposed naked surrounding myself with cheese THIS REPORTER IS A CHEESEY LIAR,” tweeted an indignant Hasselhoff.

Thought the magic of the Interwebs Bieber sent empathy all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The singer tweeted, “@DavidHasselhoff strange because I have. I also had a baby, hired women, gone crazy, spit on people I love, oh yeah, and I’ve died 8 times.” He added,

Can’t believe or dwell on the bs. Just gotta know your truth. U can’t bring us down. And @DavidHasselhoff everyone loved BayWatch.

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) November 5, 2013

While many will scoff at Bieber’s advice, he’s right. The Hasselhoff ‘cheese story’ is bogus and it’s pretty incredible that it was published in the first place.

Moving to the tsunami of stories, rumors and speculation currently awash in Bieber’s sizable share of the news cycle, despite the rush by some to condemn the singer it’s perhaps worth taking a wee step back from the baying momentum to imagine what it might be like to have one’s teenage mistakes, mishaps, and every waking move dismembered through a 24/7 lens.

For months, the Canadian has been the focus of blood-in-the-water comment accelerating back in March after his emotional Instagram response to criticism over his delayed 02 Arena show on the London leg of his Believe tour first triggered certain elements in the press to his over-sensitivity.

Since then, valid and not so valid reporting has trailed Bieber for the better part of eight months.

Stories such as a false second paternity claim that arrived with fanfare then disappeared without a trace, hysteria over an innocently intended but also to some extent inarticulate guestbook entry at the Anne Frank museum, witch hunt coverage presuming the singer’s guilt after he was accused of reckless driving by ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson and other residents in Bieber’s Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood.

As it turned out, Justin wasn’t driving his car at the time in question. IQ previously reported the glut of demonstrable fiction that sits alongside factual reporting on Bieber. One notable standout is the “spitting on fans” claim that was denied by the singer’s rep at the time and is broken down here.

Fast forward to recent undeniable pictures of the singer leaving the very adult Rio de Janeiro club Centauros in Brazil this weekend. While it’s a questionable choice of venue, a source close to the singer said reasons for his visit can be put down to him not knowing it was a full on sex-destination and his belief that it was a private “members’ club.”

No-one really knows what Bieber may or may not have ‘done’ inside the nightclub and the chatter is speculative. It’s also no-one else’s concern how he chooses to spend his private time.

A truism that likely inspired Bieber’s Instagram, posted Wednesday (Nov. 6) and captioned,

“Im crazy, yeah that’s just what this game made me, I may need to replace these dumb faces and maybe I need to refrain from the people who won’t let me remain me but I’m gonna still remain me” – me.”

Decidedly defiant certainly, but maybe it needs to be if he is to survive.

(Photo: Instagram)