Xbox One The Best Black Friday Deal Over PS4 For Practical Reasons?

The Xbox One Black Friday deals could make it a winner this holiday season. Yes, the PS4 might actually have some competition in this console war in spite of Microsoft’s PR blunders.

The PlayStation 4 might be able to outperform its next gen console rival, but one fact always remains no matter what consoles are going head to head. In the end, it’s the games that sell the console. If the game you want isn’t on the PS4, you’ll probably end up going for the Xbox One.

Titanfall is a Microsoft exclusive title, and could easily be one of the best multiplayer games out there this holiday season. Following this close to the release of the epic popcorn film Pacific Rim on Blu Ray, a lot of gamers will probably want to try their hand at piloting a mech themselves. Also don’t forget Forza Motorsport 5, known for its realism and exotic cars, is also an Xbox One exclusive.

Another reason you might just go for the Xbox One on Black Friday is that Xbox Live was debatably the more reliable online service for the current generation. Of course with a lot of its functionality locked behind a paywall, Microsoft owed it to us to make it worth the cost. PSN will end up being a paid service as well on the PS4, which could make many gamers wonder if it’s worth paying for.

The functionality problems of PSN mostly began after Grand Theft Auto 5 showed issues with it streaming content. GTA 5 is one of those titles that really pushed the consoles it was made for, and the PS4 is going to have much heavier requirements. Xbox Live gamers didn’t have those issues as much as the ones that Rockstar has been addressing and fixing since its release.


You might go for the Xbox One on Black Friday because the Kinect has finally been perfected and made a usable piece of hardware, even in smaller spaces. It uses motion sensors, face and voice recognition, and even detects your hand movements to make the UI a breeze to navigate. The PlayStation 4 basically just has a high-definition webcam with a microphone.

Xbox One Kinect in action
Xbox One Kinect in action

On the subject of control, the DualShock 4 may be the best controller Sony has ever made, but the Xbox One controller uses haptic feedback. That feature regulates the rumble so different guns in Titanfall feel different as you fire them, cars in Forza Motorsport 5 will feel different as you find yourself trying to escape the roadside, and so on. Sony says they will eventually add that feature to the DualShock 4, but do you really want to wait and buy another controller when they do?

Can the Xbox One’s Black Friday deal beat PS4? In the cases above, yes it can.