Kmart, Sears Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Kmart Announces Thanksgiving Shopping Marathon

Like it or not, we are five days into the holiday season, and Kmart has upped the ante once again, announcing their Thanksgiving shopping marathon. This means that Kmart shoppers can spend not only Black Friday fighting for deals, but they can also spend their Thanksgiving day in long lines, fighting for the “best” deals.

According to Today, the parent company of Sears and Kmart said Monday that its Kmart stores would be open Thanksgiving Day starting at 6 am and closing at 11 pm on Black Friday. What does that mean? “41 hour straight” of Black Friday deals. But does longer shopping hours mean customers will be willing to send more time shopping and less time with their friends, families and other loved ones?

In early September, The Inquisitr reported on the criticism that Kmart faced for their early holiday layaway ad. Some customers were so angry with Kmart for “forcing” their ad on them so early, they went so far as to post comments on the company’s Facebook Page that generally read like this customer’s complaint:

“I do not want to see Christmas ads when it is still SUMMER. I will not be shopping at Kmart this year due to your advertising this early, I don’t care what the reason.”

Not all Kmart customers were upset by the early ad, in fact Cassandra George Terry wrote on the companies Facebook Page, thanking them for their early ad.

“Thanks for advertising Christmas this early and Allowing the opportunity to get items on layaway early. I can get those items in high demand before others and before they sell out. This also benefits those who are unemployed like myself the time to get my four year old something and try to have a Christmas. I know if any of the items go on sale after purchased K-Mart will honor there agreement to price adjust as you did it last year. What I’ve learned about people is that their never satisfied, they always have something to complain about. At the end of the day it’s a business and everyone is out here to make something; So Kudos for out of the box thinking. See ya today”

Sears Holdings Corporation released a statement Monday stating that Shop Your Way members and customers who want to get an early start on their holiday shopping, now have that opportunity. Leena Munjal, senior vice president customer experience and integrated retail, Sears Holdings said the following in a statement:

“Sears and Kmart have been leaders in integrated retail, delivering convenient options to create a more rewarding shopping experience for our members, while blurring the boundaries between offline and online shopping. Our Shop Your Way members have the option to shop anytime, anywhere and anyway they want – especially during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.”

So longer shopping hours means less time spent with the family on Thanksgiving this year for some people. Are the deals in store worth missing out on the time spent with friends and family?

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