'Cloud Girlfriend' conceals your foreveralone status from Facebook contacts

First things first- with all this publicity, isn't a service like this kind of a non-starter now that all your friends know it exists?

Well, maybe not all your friends, so there's a bit of hope. "Cloud Girlfriend" saves you from embarrassing Peter Coffin-type situations, providing real-life humans to effect the presence of a girlfriend for you on Facebook to trick your friends and ostensibly make you more desirable to women because men with girlfriends are supposedly more attractive. Founder David Fuhriman responded to a flurry of curiosity on Quora, the only source of information on the service- the Cloud Girlfriend page, at this point, only has a sign up page and lacks a FAQ or about section.

A week ago, Fuhriman participated on a Quora question, mentioning he'd "heard" about Cloud Girlfriend:

Well, the right virtual girlfriend can be just like having a real long-distance girlfriend, without the hassles. I saw a new site helping people with this: http://cloudgirlfriend.com
Not long after he came out as a founder, describing the service:
It is a site that allows people to define what is their ideal girlfriend. Then they interact with her on a social network site. The girlfriend is operated by a real girl. It is not a sex chat or pornography service.
In response to a question about scaling, Fuhriman said:
[It will be managed very] carefully. I can answer the question in more details after launch. There are a lot of hurdles though. International audience, pictures, quality control, TOA of various sites. So we are working out those details.
Social networking site terms of service should be a pretty big concern, since Facebook explicitly disallows fake accounts. Given the scant details, there's always the likelihood of a hoax, too. Do you think the Cloud Girlfriend site is legit? Is there any chance something like this could work?