Man Donates Testicle For $35,000, All In The Name Of Medical Science

A man who plans to donate one of his own testicles for medical research, has revealed that he constantly takes part in these trials in order to earn extra cash.

Mark, who hails from Las Vegas, will feature on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, which documents the trials and tribulations of individuals who look to gain extra money through bizarre endeavours.

Mark has admitted that he often volunteers at clinics across Nevada, where he is then used as a guinea pig by the establishments for numerous procedures. This has allowed him to save thousands of dollars on medical expenses, while he is also able to get free check-ups, as well as earn several thousands of dollars in payment too.

However, Mark's biggest challenge is still on the horizon, as he is set to exchange $35,000 for one of his own testicles. But don't fret, because he will also get a replacement, artificial, testicle too, which will take the place of the one that will be removed.

Mark is apparently "really anxious and really excited" about the operation. Mark has admitted that each time he goes through one of these procedures he saves himself at least $700, because he is able to get free check-ups while he is there, while he has also remarked that he doesn't need to spend any of his full-time salary too, because of the payment he gets from his medical trials.

The extreme cheapskate's home is also filled with numerous items that he has taken straight from the hospital too, and Mark showed his collection of hospital scrubs to the TLC show, stating, "When i was doing clinical trials, I would take a pair home, I would use them for daily work, exercise, and for doing other clinical trials. Saved on laundry, cheap to clean, and they were free."

Mark even has a small story that goes with each garment, explaining, "These are the ebola study. These are my favorite. Everyone was panicked when my friend and I did this study. Never tested on humans or animals before. We were the first tow in the country to have it done. It's $5,000 for a week, so why would I not do it?"

He also admitted that he almost took part in a "flatline" study, which would have seen his heart stopped for one minute, but he would have still been allowed to breathe. However the "FDA kind of stepped in and stopped that."

Would you donate your testicle for $35,000?