2009 NFL draft two years out: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are a special case, and the picks they made in 2009 are of almost no consequence. Simply put they traded out of the first two rounds to pick up picks in the later rounds, and wound up with an ok kicker and a bunch of under performing backup linebackers. This is what happens when a rich ego maniac owner decides he is the best guy to be General Manger and make all of the personnel decisions. It is no wonder the Cowboys will pick 9th in this year’s draft after picking 24th in the 2010 draft.

Cleary this is a team headed in the wrong direction and the questionable personnel decision making is at the heart of it. Jones is not a trained NFL personnel man (neither am I and it doesn’t ever stop me from frothing off at the mouth) but he is doing serious damage to his team. The simple fact here is I see no way this team can rebuild itself as long as Jones is the GM and the defacto head coach.

This team made 12 picks two years ago and all they netted for themselves was a kicker and backup linebacker scraps. The first guy taken with pick #69 isn’t even on this team anymore. That is a direct indictment of how this team operates with Jones as the GM. Teams cannot waste draft picks, and it looks like in 2009 Jones wasted more than a handful of them.

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