2009 NFL Draft two years later: Chicago Bears

Over the past few years the Chicago Bears have been in a win now mode. It is a strategy with a certain amount of risk that has gotten them to the 2010 NFC Championship game. We may see this team fall apart as they have traded away their draft picks for veteran players. In 2009 their first and second round picks were sent to Denver in the Jay Cutler trade. They still made picks, but for the most part those picks are inconsequential.

Here is a quick look at the 2009 Bears draft class:

  • Third Round (68th)- DT Jarron Gilbert
  • Third Round (99th)- WR Juaquin Iglesias
  • Fourth Round (105th)- DE Henry Melton
  • Fourth Round (119th)- CB DJ Moore
  • Fifth Round (140th)- WR Johnny Knox
  • Fifth Round (154th)- LB Marcus Freeman
  • Sixth Round (190th)- S Al Afalava
  • Seventh Round (246th)- TE Lance Louis
  • Seventh Round (251st)- WR Derek Kinder

So when we look at this class we have to remember that they traded for Cutler. I think they paid too much for him, but that still has to play out some. Jarron Gilbert is now on the Jets roster, while Iglesias is on the Vikings roster. Melton did not play in year one, and was pretty ineffective in year two. DJ Moore still has some upside and is a backup DB. Knox on the other hand really saves this class as he is a starting wide out for this team. Marcus Freeman as cut in year one, and Afalava is now on the Colts. The rest have made little or no impact.

So what this team got out of this draft was 10 games of Afalava which were pretty good, an ok option at QB, and a starting WR. Simply put that is not good enough and sooner rather than later the bill for this weak draft class will come due for this team.

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