2009 NFL Draft two years out: Tennessee Titans

In 2009 the Tennessee Titans picked 30th in the first round. Just two years later they will pick 8th. Along the way they have fired their head coach, and cut ties with QB Vince Young. We can hardly say this is a team headed in the right direction, and a weak 2009 draft class is clearly among the reasons why. Many think an elite team has an easier time in the draft; the Titans are proof that sometimes the opposite is true.

Here is a quick look at the 2009 Titans draft class:

•Round One (30)- Kenny Brit WR
•Round Two (62)- Sen’Derrick Marks DT
•Round Three (89)- Jared Cook TE
•Round Three (94)- Ryan Mouton CB
•Round Four (130)- Gerald McRath LB
•Round Four (135)- Troy Kropog T
•Round Five (173)- Javon Ringer RB
•Round Six (203)- Jason McCourty CB
•Round Six (206)- Dominique Edison WR
•Round Seven (239)- Ryan Durand OG
•Round Seven (242)- Nick Schommer DB

Kenny Britt is a starter, but he has only caught 42 passes in each of his two NFL seasons. He may wind up being considered a possession receiver and the Titans may have needed a bigger splash with this selection. Sen’Derrick Marks is also a starter but has done little to solidify his position as the 64th overall pick two years ago. Granted he plays on a bad team and once they get better we may see his production go way up.

Jared Cook is an ok piece and he did catch 29 balls in 2009. Ryan Mouton has done little, and Gerald McRath may be listed as a starter, but has done very little on the field. The rest of the picks have done very little, and even though they may have landed three starters and a bunch of backups their lack of success on the field has got to count for something. So far I have to give this drat class a failing grade.