Mark Sutto takes Bible Thumping Literally

Street Preacher Mark Sutto was arrested this week for attempting to thump people with his bible.

Authorities in Clearwater, FL. say Sutto came to their attention during the running of the Turkey Trot 10k" a local running race held on Thanksgiving Day. Sutto was delivering a street sermon when the runners were passing, and when they didn't stop to listen is when things started getting interesting.

According to reports, Sutto attempted to hit several runners with his Bible while screaming at the runners at the same time. We're not sure what exactly he was screaming, but surely the sacred art of Bible Thumping must have specialist phrases, like "bow down before me so the Lord may smite you with his book."

Sutto was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after several warnings from police. He remained in jail on Saturday after no one came forward to provide the $150 required to bail him out.