‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Vs ‘GTA 5’: The Dark Knight Sends Criminals To Second Place

In the Batman: Arkham Origins vs GTA 5 battle for sales, the dark knight has officially given the criminals a minor beatdown.

Gamers worried about Batman‘s third outing have gotten over their fears, according to recent sales records in the UK. Even though Warner Bros. Montreal took over the franchise with Batman: Arkham Origins, the transition has gone more than smoothly. Several critics have already said that the dark knight’s latest outing is his best yet, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Already, probably due to Batman‘s straightforward take on the gameplay without trying too hard to do too much, the criminal protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5 have been knocked down to second place.

The Batman: Arkham Origins vs GTA 5 sales scuffle may have seen a drop in sales for Grand Theft Auto 5 due to the regular problems players have been experiencing since its launch. As also previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rockstar is expecting to release patch 1.05 for their flagship title to hopefully eliminate the last of the game’s issues and let the gamers just have fun.

For now, it appears the DC Comics superhero is taking down criminals not only in Gotham City, but in Los Santos as well.

Taking third place is FIFA 14, which is undoubtedly more popular outside the US, because it’s the latest in the soccer (football outside the US) franchise. FIFA 14 will also be a bundle title for the Xbox One across the pond, so sales could be tied in with pre-orders of Microsoft’s next gen machine as well.

Fourth through sixth place are held by Skylanders Swap Force and two games which should come as no surprise, Pokemon X and Y. While Nintendo’s latest pocket monster titles aren’t exactly gaining ground, they aren’t dropping off, either.

It seems the dark knight is just that good, as this round of the Batman: Arkham Origins vs GTA 5 sales battle holds the caped crusader as the new victor.