Justin Bieber Unwraps ‘Bad Day’ As Next Single, Telling A Progressive Story

Justin Bieber has had more than a few bad days this year, and he’s about to have one more.

This time, however, it’s in the service of art. The teen star has revealed “Bad Day” as the next and fifth single in his 10-song “Music Mondays” series.

Unveiling artwork via Instagram, Bieber captioned an image of purple rain falling from a gray cloud with, “This #MusicMondays from the heart #pushit #badday.”

Bieber’s previous four releases — “Heartbreaker,” “All That Matters,” “Hold Tight,” and “Recovery” — themed on a broken intimate relationship and appear to be progressively telling a story.

Moving through the early throes of heartbreak in the first two singles, erotica in the third, followed by an admission of fault and apology in the fourth, it seems the 19-year-old is sequentially plotting his imploding relationship — presumed to be ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Explaining the context of Bieber’s Journals in a recent Billboard interview, manager Scooter Braun said, “If you listen to the lyrics in these songs, ‘Heartbreaker,’ ‘All That Matters,’ he’s pouring his heart out.”

Justin Bieber 'Bad Day' Single Artwork Unveiled
(Photo: Instagram)

Braun added, “When I looked at that, I looked at it as, ‘He didn’t write one journal.’ He wrote them in different days, [with] different emotions at different points, and I wanted people to experience what he was feeling, week to week… As each week comes, people will have a different type of song, and understand the different experience he’s going through week to week.”

Bieber described “Recovery” as “that feeling you get when you start to move on and make things better for yourself because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is here,” which could indicate his next single will widen the focus away from his love life and possibly explore other topics such as his incident-filled 2013.

Justin also gave his fans a taste of the reception he is enjoying in Brazil where he is set to perform two Believe tour dates beginning tonight (Nov. 2) in Sao Paulo.

The 154-date tour then moves onto Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, before hitting the last Australasia leg which wraps in Perth on December 8.

“Bad Day” will be released on iTunes on Sunday, November 4 at midnight.