November 1, 2013
Religious Radio Hosts: 'Miley Cyrus Sold Her Soul To Satan, Joined The Illuminati' [Video]

A step-by-step analysis of Miley Cyrus' MTV VMAs performance will show that she is possessed by a sex demon that she had relations with, and that she probably sold her soul to the devil.

In other news, yes, people are still analyzing that performance and unintentionally increasing Miley Cyrus' public profile.

Religious broadcaster Rick Wiles sat down with anti-rock music pastor Joe Schimmel on his Tru News radio program this week to talk about Cyrus' performance with Robin Thicke. Most folks were pretty taken aback by the performance, but not for the reasons Wiles and Schimmel put forth. Namely, that Cyrus' soul has been damned.

"The American entertainment industry loves perverting the souls of innocent children, (and) they thrive on their wicked methods of defiling children and converting them into little citizens of Babylon," Wiles griped. "It is the work of the synagogue of Satan. Their latest poster child to recruit little Babylonians is Miley Cyrus."

Pointing specifically to a photo of Cyrus licking the ribcage of Satanic-looking figure, Wiles argued that this may as well have been a confession that the former child star has sold her soul to the Devil.

"Any wonder whom she serves as her soul's master?" Wiles said. "Sadly, I think Miley is merely the latest young, talented person to make the deal with Lucifer. I am thoroughly convinced that many pop culture music and movie stars sold their souls to Satan in return for fame and money."

Obviously this conversation is one "Illuminati" reference away from going off the rails, even for most religious folk.

"She's been baptized into the Illuminati," Schimmel said.

"She definitely full-blown immersed into the occultic world," he continued. "She's sticking her tongue out, which is the protruding tongue and all; a lot of people thought, 'Hey, that's simply sexual, sexually perverted. But yeah, you know what? It's demonic."

Though Wiles and Schimmel do not use the appropriate terminology for Miley Cyrus' strange glute-shaking, they definitely think there's something demonic about it.

"She's basically, you know, she's basically, at least symbolically, showing how to have sex with some satanic figure," Schimmel said.

The Devil does love him some twerkin'.

[h/t - Raw Story]