'Star Wars: Episode VII' Release Date Possibly In Jeopardy [Rumor]

Is the Star Wars: Episode VII release date in serious jeopardy? According to rumors and reports circulating through Hollywood, the movie may not be ready by 2015.

Although the next installment of the beloved franchise is expected to hit theaters during the summer of 2015, it's being reported that there's serious trouble brewing behind-the-scenes. All of the drama could directly affect when the sequel finally arrives on the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm head honcho Kathleen Kennedy asked Disney CEO Bob Iger to push the Star Wars: Episode VII release date to 2016. Since the studio has a clear vision of how it wants the franchise to move forward, Iger reportedly denied her request since there's no wiggle room.

Depending on who you ask, Iger apparently has the support of J.J. Abrams. The Super 8 director still wants to keep the 2015 release date. However, The Huffington Post reports that the filmmaker might have Kennedy's back on the issue. Some industry insiders say Abrams fully supports moving the sequel to 2016.

Trouble on the project began after screenwriter Michael Arndt dropped out earlier this month. In order to get the script in tip-top shape, Abrams and Lucasfilm brought in Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan to help pen the screenplay. Badass Digest suggests Kasdan and Abrams are starting from square one.

Not too long ago, reports surfaced that J.J. Abrams was threatening to quit the Star Wars flick over scheduling issues and problems with Arndt's script. In fact, the screenplay Abrams and Kasdan are currently cooking up will take a completely different route.

Should Star Wars enthusiasts treat any of these reports as gospel? Until someone from Lucasfilm or Disney officially addresses the rumors, probably not. However, fans are certainly a little concerned about the fate of George Lucas' franchise.

An industry insider recently told THR that these sort of problems tend to plague high-profile big-budget Hollywood movies. The source explained that fans shouldn't spend too much of their free time worrying about such things.

"It's nothing out of the ordinary. Almost every big movie changes writers at some point. There's no drama here," the insider told the publication.

Before you completely write off Star Wars and begin cursing J.J. Abrams' name, it's probably best to sit back, relax, and see how this scenario unfolds. Although Arndt is no longer writing the script, Kasdan's involvement is definitely good news. After all, the guy wrote Empire Strikes Back. Chances are he knows what he's doing.

Do you think Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters in 2015?

[Image via Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Pictures]