Chris Brown Could Avoid Jail Courtesy Of U.S. Secret Service

The U.S. Secret Service is charged with protecting the President of the United States, but now the agency could end up protecting Chris Brown.

Brown was arrested and then released from jail this week after he allegedly attacked a man outside of a Washington D.C. hotel.

Officials documents from the fight claimed that a witness told a D.C. police officer that Chris Brown never hit him. That police officer later denied speaking to the witness about the attack.

It has now been learned that a Secret Service agent who was patrolling the streets near the White House heard the original conversation. The Secret Service officer told D.C. police that a witness had come forward. They also confirmed that the witness told the police officer that Chris Brown never hit the man.

If the Secret Service agent testified it could help ruin the credibility of the victim and cause the prosecution to drop the misdemeanor assault charge against Chris Brown.

Having the case dropped is paramount for Chris Brown’s freedom. The R&B artist is currently serving five years on probation after he punched his girlfriend Rihanna in the face. If found guilty of this most recent crime Brown would be in violation of his probation and could fave up to four years in prison.

Recently reports suggest that Chris Brown’s case is already being investigated by the Los Angeles parole department and officials in Washington D.C.

At this point no video or picture evidence has surface, that means the case is based around a he said, she said argument.

Do you think Chris Brown deserves to spend a few years behind bars given his past of violent actions?