Pierre The Pelican Makes Its Debut In New Orleans, Terrifies Children

The New Orleans Pelicans mascot made its debut tonight and, well, you might want to lock your doors before you scroll down and check out the photo because Pierre The Pelican is a little creepy.

The New Orleans Hornets officially changed their name to the New Orleans Pelicans earlier this year. Since then the team has unveiled new logos, new jerseys, and tonight fans finally got to meet the mascot Pierre the Pelican.

And it was a little scary.

The New Orleans Pelicans mascot was greeted with more “ahhhhs” then “oooohs” but it’s a little to early to tell if the mascot will be a complete flop. And hey, maybe the Pelicans are just trying to get people ready for Halloween.

Pelicans owner Tom Benson said earlier this year that it was important to pick a mascot that would resonate with the people of Louisiana. And what better way to resonate with fans then to stick your mascot smack dab in the middle of their nightmares.

But maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe Pierre the Pelican will become a beloved mascot in New Orleans. Maybe Pierre will go on to make kids laugh instead of cry. Maybe.

Nope, definitely sleeping with the light on tonight.