Voting is open!: Choose Madden 12’s cover star

So you might have heard this Madden thing is sort of big. So big, in fact, that it comes out yearly.

True to form, Madden NFL 12 is due out August 11th on various gaming platforms. But before the game appears, it needs a cover. And before the cover appears, it needs a star! That’s where you come in. Madden publisher EA has opened voting in Madden’s Cover Competition, letting you select which of the 32 candidates will have their mug on the front of Madden 12. Rumor has it there’s … some sort of curse?

The voting process is essentially a knockout tournament, and although 31 of the 32 candidates are players, there’s a twist this year: “The 12th Man.” That’s a nod to the hardcore fans of the Seattle Seahawks. They’re facing off against Patrick Willis of the 49ers in the first round.

Head over to ESPN to have your say!

[ESPN, via Kotaku]