Taxi Driver Returns $340,000 To Elderly Couple

cab driver

A taxi driver in Bavaria returned more than $340,000 to an elderly couple this week.

According to the Consumerist, driver Thomas Güntner was taking the couple to a bank. When the elderly couple got of the taxi the driver noticed that they left their bag, which was full of money, in the backseat.

Güntner could have taken the money but he decided to do the right thing and return the money to the couple.

The driver said: “I was totally perplexed and surprised, that people could carry around so much cash and then forget it. (If I didn’t return it, it) would probably be the downfall of the old couple.”

The Local reports that the driver managed to track down the couple and gave them back their bag of money. The couple tried to offer him a reward but the driver declined.

Güntner said: “She was as white as a sheet and told me that I saved her life.”

The driver did ask if they would mind paying for the gas he used trying to find their house. The woman kindly obliged and gave the driver about $16 to pay for his trip home.