Dumb Footballer Stupid Name; Plaxico Burress Shot Himself

Plaxico Burress, the New York Giants wideout accidentally shot himself in the leg at a nightclub Friday night. Burress spent the night at the hospital. Sadly he won't be qualifying for a Darwin Award as his wound is not considered life-threatening. Plaxico now means dumb footballer in latin.

Burress had already been injured before he shot himself. His hamstring injury which would have prevented him from playing in this Sundays’ game against the Washington Redskins is now presumably much worse.

Videos and camera phone footage of Plaxico shooting himself are not yet available. Apparently a $35 million contract doesn't stop you making an ass of yourself.

Fans of the New York team should be pissed. This is another black spot in what has not been a good year off the field for Burress. He has been suspended and fined several times this season for missing meetings and arguing with officials.

Burress has been insisting that he and his $35 million contract are not a distraction to the team. Yeah well how about shooting yourself in the leg? Think that qualifies as a distraction? Chump. The New York Giants should ask for their money back.