Rob Lowe Leaving ‘Parks And Recreation’, Slams Amy Poehler

Rob Lowe Parks and Recreation

By now fans of Parks and Recreation know that there’s about to be a shake up in the cast. News was leaked back in July that two stars from the ensemble, Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are on their way out of the fictional Pawnee, Indiana.

Rob Lowe attended Letterman on Tuesday to promote his made for TV film Killing Kennedy, in which he plays John F. Kennedy. However, discussion quickly turned to his departure on Parks and Recreation which at this point was pretty much confirmed by all parties involved. Of his departure, Lowe, in his signature dry sense of humor, said it was because of Amy Poehler’s less than savory attitude. Receiving laughs from the audience, Lowe called Poehler a “p–ck.”

Letterman then called Lowe out on being a “liar” as Rob Lowe gleefully smiled while David flipped him the bird for accusing Amy of being such a tyrant. Before Lowe decided to joke around he did say that he hoped he would be back on Parks and Recreation after he departs the sitcom.

“We will probably come back. I’ll always come back because I love doing that show so much.”

Robe Lowe plays Chris Traeger, Pawnee’s city manager, who is a dopey, fun loving guy, who can’t get enough of life and making others feel just as energized as he does every single day. As he finishes his arc, Chris is becoming the father of Anne Perkins’ baby via in vitro fertilization, and now the two are looking to leave Pawnee.

When the news broke that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe were leaving Parks and Recreation, people weren’t too enthused about the big change. Producer Michael Schur commented on the news, having said that the two exhausted their usefulness. Lowe revealed that he and Jones are filming their final episode in two weeks, but it’s not yet known when that episode will air given the fact that Parks and Recreation is being pulled from NBC’s schedule.