Marissa Mayer Buys Funeral Home For Unknown Reasons

Marissa Mayer Has Purchased A Funeral Home

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is now the proud owner of a Palo Alto funeral home. The Palo Alto Online reports that the home shut down on October 31 and a quick deal was reached by October 7.

The funeral home is just down the street from Marissa Mayer’s current home and she often rented out the properties parking lot for various events held at her house.

While the sum Mayer paid for the property has not been disclosed, Silicon Valley Business Journal reporter Nathan Donato-Weinstein claims that the county transfer tax records show a shell company paid $11.2 million for the site. Last year the property was listed with a value of just $672,285. Donato-Weinstein writes:

“The Weekly notes that the property is zoned for higher-density redevelopment. Up to 21 housing units could be built there, the Weekly said, though Mayer could also submit plans to do something else there.”

Marissa Mayer didn’t simply show up and purchase the funeral home. Instead it was bought by an LC called 980 Middlefield Road LLC, which started out as Additto LLC. That company shares the same estate-planning lawyer and address as Mellunmaki LLC, another LLC owned by Marissa Mayer.

Paying $11.2 million to use a parking lot seems a bit silly, we have to guess that Marissa Mayer will likely do something more significant with the property to free up her new space.

Google Maps shows off several photos of the property:

Anyone following Marissa Mayer’s career knows that she doesn’t do anything without a very specific outcome in mind. She turned Google’s platforms into beautifully crafted offerings and she will likely do the same with her new Palo Alto funeral home property.

Marissa Mayer is known for hosting a lot of events at her house, perhaps the new location will serve as her new party spot — her very expensive $11.2 million personal party pad.